Playgrounds Festival Titles 2014

We Created this title sequence with a surrealistic re-interpretation of the animation pipeline set in a distinctive dutch landscape. The graphic protagonist of the title sequence is the cursor that is operating in the classic OS9 system. Both in the two dimensional as well as the three dimensional landscape the title sequence is building itself.

Directed & produced OddOne Directors Duo
Creative development Gabriele Mariotti, Kerry Murphy, Peter van de Riet
Music & sound design OddOne Audio - Berlin
3D Artists & Compositors Johannes Matsson, Michiel Krop, Tim van der Wiel, Gabriele Mariotti, Alan Zirpoli, Kerry Murphy
Pre-visualisation Raphaël Bartels, Gabriele Mariotti, Peter van de Rie
2D Animation Rob Wienk, Kerry Murphy
Graphic design Peter van de Riet
Interns Floris Kruger, Nick van de Steen, Joyce van Soelen
Special thanks Leon van Rooij, Maarten Gulickx, BKKC, Circus Family, Will Judge